Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Easter Weekend - Mom & Dad Visit

Mom and Dad were somewhere out West - maybe Vegas for a conference? or AZ for family stuff? - and came up to Utah for Easter weekend on their way home. I picked them up at the airport and Tay and Court came over to my place for a bit. Of course, it was all about the baby.

We went down to Temple Square to check out the flowers and grab some lunch.

As much as I love year-round warm weather, this whole season thing is kind of enjoyable.

On Sunday we had dinner at Taylor and Courtney's, and all her family came over to join in some Easter festivities.

As Wells family tradition dictates, money goes into eggs and the grownup kids get to hunt for that.

Our spoils.

Cher had come into town for Easter weekend, too, partially for the holiday and partially to come with me to see Chvrches who were in town that Tuesday. She'd given me her LA tickets to see them when work got in the way, so she wanted to see them now. Too bad the weather got crazy and she couldn't see well enough in the crazy wind. She stayed down in Utah Valley, and I grabbed Adam to go with me last minute.

They're loud, they're dancey, they're awesome.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Musical Monday

I'm digging the new EP from Sego (aka Spencer and Thomas of The Cube). Go check out Wicket Youth.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Getting Into April

April was a pretty eventful month.  Here's the first part, and I'll start out with the sad news that our puppy, Honey, went to dog heaven. She was just the best. We all cried. I remember being on a date that night with someone I wasn't that into, and I just wanted to cut it short and go home to cry. I did kick him out early, and that was the last of that. 
A little blurb I wrote about her on Facebook: I'll always remember choosing Honey at the humane society back in 2001. Mom and I took her into a little room to play with her, she ran back and forth between us, and we knew we just had to take her home. We didn't tell Dad, and he was pretty upset, but within a few days she'd won him over. She'd fetch the newspaper, eat Dad's nice wool socks, let you know when you'd made her mad, bother you for a rawhide stick after dinner, and just love going to the farm. Now she'll always be at the farm, watching over it. Honey dog, we'll miss you. All dogs go to heaven, right?

Courtney and Hallie and Lesa came over one day to see my new place. We had lunch at Limone.

I went to the Czech Film Festival here and was surprised to learn there's a Czech consulate here. The director of one film came, and so many Czechs here, I was probably the only one who needed an English translation. I saw Honeymoon and Colette.

Meghan and I booked a trip to South America! Continent #6 for me. We would head there in June.

For General Conference weekend I went down to hang out with Tay and Court and the babe.

I was introduced to the magic that is Winco.

I don't think I've ever seen stuff in bulk like this.

And candy!!

I went down to Velour one night to see Ryan Innes, and dear Alissa was able to join me. She and her husband, Joe, were in my singles ward back in DC forever ago, and we've both ended up in UT and all of us work at the same place. I'm glad she had a night out kid-free, even though her kids are adorable. 

My baloncy view again.

Chvrches was coming to town and I was definitely gonna go.

I started playing around with placement. I love that hipster painting, and that's the coolest lamp I own.

I started going to a workout studio to get my fitness on. The spring was lovely and we'd have boot camp in the park sometimes. Turns out I really liked it, and I'm still going now.

One Saturday Nathan and I went down to a film festival at BYU, so he could see some old friends. I haven't been on campus much there, and it was kinda weird. I've also discovered 'Your Mom' at Sodalicious, which is the best drink I've probably ever had. I've gotta get one every time I'm there. Dr Pepper, blackberry + coconut syrups. it'll change your life.

Random insert - while waiting for Nathan I watched Coachella on my phone. Love this band and love technology.

I was so glad to get to the BYU Museum of Art for the Sacred Gifts exhibit. It was excellent. I really must get to Copenhagen.

View from a hill in Provo.

I went to my first show in SLC since moving here - Phantogram. They're excellent, though the venue was terrible. I think it's bad enough that I'd skip any future shows there.

And in case you didn't know, I love the salsa I make and could drink it. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Trip to LA as an LA Resident

 At the end of March I headed back to LA one more time to wrap up the final details of my life. A few more things to throw out, sell off, clean up. It was strange being in limbo for those couple months, feeling like I lived nowhere and having things in storage and in LA and in my brothers house and in my car. The LA chapter was finally coming to a close.

I'm sad I didn't spend any time here, living so close. Now that I live in Utah with temples all around, I still will never live as close to one as I did in LA!

Sold my dresser to a guy who wanted to put it in his small car. Um...yeah, that doesn't work. I tried to help him take part of it apart, but didn't really have any tools around. I had to borrow from my neighbor and it still didn't work. Eventually I left him on the curb to figure it out.

One last Disneyland trip with Margot and Mike.
 Big Thunder was finally reopen - my favorite ride! And we timed it with the fireworks.

I went to Mendocino Farms for lunch one day, but I don't remember who ate with me. Cher, maybe?

I had wanted to see the Endeavour since it landed in LA. I had gone to see it when it made the flyover around the state before coming to a permanent home. The thing is huge. Quite a thing to see.

Trevor and I had dinner with Jihan and Aaron that night at Chego. We sat outside, and I thought a large cargo truck was driving by at one point. Nope, turns out it was a pretty good little earthquake.

I helped Trevor clean out his apartment.

Cameron threw his Love Songs After Dark party, a night of slow dancing and magic. Indeed it was magic for two friends of mine, since they met there and were engaged weeks later.

I managed to give away the rest of my random things and make a final Goodwill stop, then it was hasta luego, Los Angeles.

Early Monday morning, dear friend Katrina was in town visiting her mom, who lives around the corner from me. I got to have breakfast with her and meet baby Clara. Nice way to get back into SLC.

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