Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tired Pony at Hollywood Forever

You know I adore Gary Lightbody, and I'm thrilled that he's mostly around LA and that Tired Pony had a show at Hollywood Forever. I met up with Liz for tacos across the street first, then we headed into a most wonderful show. You may remember that I flew to NYC a couple years ago to see them when their first record came out. I didn't have to travel far this time, but I totally would've flown across the country again.

First time in the Lodge at Hollywood Forever.

Patiently waiting.

So much awesomeness on that little stage. And yes, that's Minnie Driver in the back right.

He's the best.
Tired Pony - The Beginning of the End from L Dubbs on Vimeo.

That smile gets me every time.
Tired Pony from L Dubbs on Vimeo.

Wonderful show that I still think about months later. I hope he keeps making music for a long time, whether with Snow Patrol, Tired Pony, or any of his other musical friends. 

I also tried the pomegranate trick that weekend. But the I really didn't know what to do with the fruit after.

Sunday afternoon walk to my car.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

November in Utah - Hallie's Baby Blessing

Beautiful sunset one day and a light dusting of snow a couple days later.

Mom and Dad came into town and saw their grandbaby for the second time. Dad got a little nuts.

Taylor and Courtney had the blessing at their house on a Saturday. Courtney's brother had just gotten home from a mission and had his homecoming that week too, so they had a packed schedule. It was nice to have it at home, with friends and family.

Good job, Tay!

Hallie was a little angel.

The next day I headed back to LA in a snowstorm, and it was a little terrifying. Not used to driving in snow. Guess I better figure that out now that I live in Utah. 

Hello again, California.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Late October - Back to Utah

At the end of October I planned to drive back up to Utah to see the family for Hallie's baby blessing. It worked out that I went up a weekend early, so I could hang with friends and see the Moth & the Flame at Velour for their EP release party. Little did I know how exciting that would turn out to be.

The night before I left, I got a call from a couple guys in the band, asking if I had room for some of them and their stuff. Turns out their awesome bus broke down, and they were scrambling to get everyone up to Utah. The guys from Swimm were also playing with them, so between two bands, wives/girlfriends/extra friends, and equipment, they weren't all going to fit in the one passenger van they were able to rent.

I was happy to have the extra company, so I headed over to the Cube to pick up a few people early Saturday morning. We barely fit stuff in my trunk. Off on an adventure!

It was nice to switch off drivers, though kinda funny since Adam had to drive through the slightly crazy canyon in northern Arizona, and he's a Florida native who's only used to flat roads. We pulled into Provo with a tad bit of time to spare and went straight to Velour.

Turns out some of the discs printed were wrong, so I helped in the scramble to unwrap all the packages and switch out discs. Also, if you don't have one of these, you're gonna want one.

Roommate Haleigh was at the show along with lots of other LA friends and of course the music was great. Halfway through, Brandon grabbed his acoustic guitar and announced a new song that no one had heard yet. He looked for Haleigh in the crowd and walked toward her as he sang a song he'd written for her. Surprise proposal! Of course she said yes. It was just perfect, as he'd also had her parents fly in, and his whole family was there, and he arranged for several cameras to video their moment. I'm glad I got to witness this lovely night. Sadly, the next day he had to leave for a European tour and those six weeks sucked for them, but they are now happily married and together. 

I had the next day to hang out with Taylor and Hallie at church while Courtney was at work. What a good dad, fixing her bow. One of my favorite pictures. 

When Hallie was asleep, I cuddled with Max.

Baby GIF!

And a funny face. I love this baby.

For Halloween they dressed her up as the most perfect Cabbage Patch Baby ever. She really is a little doll.

I enjoyed the fall colors. Utah really is beautiful.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Musical Monday

The War on Drugs isn't coming to SLC, but I've purchased a ticket to see them in LA this Oct. Stoked!

The War on Drugs performs ~ Late Shows with... by HumanSlinky

Friday, June 27, 2014

Links I Like Lately

A few things I've seen on the Internets lately:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Musical Monday - October Concerts

October 2014 in LA was a really solid month for shows.

I was stoked for Disclosure and glad I made the decision to hit up Pomona, after the Hollywood show sold out. It was during the week but late enough that traffic wasn't bad. Plus Nathan was in town from Utah and we went together.

I started out in the front of the crowd, but all those young kids were smothering us with selfies and selfish space hogging, so we moved to the back, spread out, and danced our hearts out. So much fun.

The very next night I was at the Hollywood Bowl for a show I'd waited months for.

So excellent. I'd never seen Flea in action before, and man. He just doesn't stop. This was a great  night. 
James Holden opened, and that was solid. 

A day or two later, I went out dancing all night to some electronica. It ended up being a strange night, going out with an ex, meeting a Jewish guy on the dance floor who said we probably wouldn't work out since I'm Mormon, and having a former half-flame from Phx in town who decides to come out dancing at 3am too. Who then gets locked out of the house where he's staying and he and his friend end up crashing at my house. And one of them loses a phone in a cab at 5am, which we had to take because my car was at the ex-bf's in another part of town. How do I get myself into these messes? Anyway....

After being up all night, there was a music festival in Santa Barbara, so Marcello and I drove up to see The Moth and the Flame and catch a couple other bands. I had no idea how I stayed awake. 

A super California snack. Ha. That little tub of sorbet was tiny. 
We caught Haim on the main stage, and wow, that's a bunch of sassy sisters who can rock. I've really enjoyed their album - it's on constant rotation. 

TMTF got crammed into a tiny corner of a bar, and I don't know how they managed to deal with that, but they sounded good and people seemed into it. 

And then a few days after that, James Blake at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. A guy I'd wanted to see in a venue I'd longed to experience. It was a great evening. 

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